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About Matrixx Integrated Solutions

About MatrixxAt Matrixx Integrated Solutions, we believe that ALL solutions begin with a question. The phrase “What if” is one you’ll often hear from us as we work together in building integrated solutions. It’s what we do.

With over 75 years of combined marketing expertise, we offer unique, multi-faceted solutions for all markets and industries. Whether the need is for a specific campaign based program, cross media marketing campaigns or a basic ecommerce site, our team has the experience and solutions to streamline your marketing deliverables.

Our advanced digital systems technology utilizes your existing data, applications and infrastructure to save time and money. We also work to differentiate you from the competition – launching innovative and technologically-advanced processes – based on your strategy and how you currently do business with your customers.

We focus on monitoring the environment, paying attention to shifts and trends that may impact your business giving us flexibility to adapt.

Matrix assesses and identify where our services would best be utilized to solve your most pressing challenges.

  • Discuss implementation and business rules
  • Workflow options and functionality
  • Address content and creative requirements
  • Review data
  • Provide administration and support
  • Training