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Database Strategy & Insight

Matrixx Integrated Solutions goes beyond simple direct mail to create a multichannel marketing strategy that encompasses every element of your promotional campaign. We also offer a wide range of strategic database marketing services that can boost your company’s visibility attracting new customers and provides your company with the tools necessary to give you an edge over the rivals in your industry. Our outstanding array of consultancy services can enable your business achieve the following goals:

  • Creating a direct response marketing plan from the ground up
  • Organizing mailing lists by various criteria for improved targeting accuracy
  • Designing and producing print collateral
  • Sorting by zip code and weighing your mailings for improved budget management
  • Increasing your reach with enhanced lead identification

Creating success from the ground up

At Matrixx, we start with an innovative database marketing strategy that pushes the envelope to deliver the most effective results. Our team can help jumpstart your existing direct mail/marketing campaign or to create a new strategy that combines creative content and time-tested techniques to deliver increased visibility and improved sales for your company. We incorporate marketing tools that include the following:

  • Financial break-even analysis for maximum impact per dollar spent
  • Recommendations on list selection to increase your return on investment
  • Creative recommendations on style, format, and content
  • Consumer response projections for more effective marketing plans
  • Test marketing
  • Measurable campaign strategies that offer real information for ongoing marketing efforts

These advanced marketing strategies provide you with the in-depth knowledge of our experienced and professional team. We specialize in delivering innovative strategies that get real and measurable results for your company’s direct mailing and marketing campaigns.

Delivering the finished product

We can provide start-to-finish services for your company. Matrixx Integrated Solutions partners with your company to produce results. This integrated approach to your marketing project ensures that your marketing deliverables are streamlined to your precise specifications.

Once your customized marketing campaign has been completed and dispatched, our team of professionals will continue tracking and measuring the results of your campaign. This allows your company to put a monetary figure on the overall value of your marketing campaign in attracting new customers and boosting sales. At Matrixx Integrated Solutions, we make it easy to manage every element of your marketing campaign and strategy to achieve your corporate goals and boost your customer base to increase revenues, sales, and public visibility for your products and services.